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Opposing Goals

Imagine two soccer teams, each aiming for their own goal in hopes of out-scoring the other team and winning the game. They’re sweating it out on the same field, but basically trying to run in opposite directions. They’re battling for the ball, but only one team will win the game.

Switch gears for a moment and recall the story of Joseph, the guy from the Old Testament, the one with the super-cool, multi-colored coat. Yeah, that one. His brothers hated him and sold him into slavery. Joseph actually landed a pretty good job, only to be wrongly accused and thrown into prison for a few years. Doesn’t get much worse than that, does it?

Years later, he forgave his brothers (long story, read Genesis 37-50 for details), but they were still deathly afraid of him because he had risen to 2nd-in-Command of Egypt, and could do whatever he pleased with the guilty bunch. However, Joseph told his brothers…

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

Ironically, the evil they intended was, at the same time, the good that God had ordained. Two totally opposite goals with two different “players,” but one very decisive win.

At this time of crisis all over the world, it would be easy to think that Satan is prevailing. There’s death, fear, financial crisis, isolation, bad news at every turn, and no real end in sight. It appears that Satan has the upper-hand. He seems to be achieving his goals.

And where is God? I’m no theologian, but I can assure you that He is still on His throne, that none of this is out of His control, and that He has some goals of His own. As I ponder this chaotic time in which we live, I cannot escape the amazing fact that this virus has the attention of the ENTIRE WORLD, ALL AT ONE TIME! This has to be the largest collective wake-up call in the history of man!

Many are working long, weary hours. Some are staring down the face of death daily, and praying they don’t take this sickness home to their loved ones. Others are stuck at home with more time on our hands than we’ve had in a long time, but wondering how the bills will be paid. Whatever the circumstance, I think we all have put a little more thought into our lives, what we’ve been doing and why we’ve been doing it. COVID-19 has made us think about a lot of things we’ve kinda pushed to the side while we rushed through the madness of life.

I’m convinced all of this is God’s way of trying to get our attention. I think He wants to alert us to the fact that sometimes we put too much stock in this world and its glittery attractions. Sometimes we choose things over people. Sometimes we pretend that life as we know it will never end. But it will, and that knowledge is ultimately what I believe God is aiming at right now. The Bible tells us that we only get one life, and after that, we’ll face God’s judgment (Hebrews 9:27). It also says that God doesn’t want anyone to die without Him, but rather for everyone to repent before it’s too late (2 Peter 3:9). I certainly don’t know all of God’s goals, but I am pretty sure that His greatest goal is the same one He’s been aiming for since sin came into the world - that is, reconciling the world to Himself, preparing people for an eternity with Him. And there’s nothing like a world-wide pandemic to make you think about the possibility of life after death.

How about you? Have you thought about it? Are you ready for whatever comes? Is your heart at ease because you know you’re God’s child, and if you died, you’d be headed for a much better place? Do you want that peace that passes understanding? Would you like to be sure that your sins are forgiven and you’re clean in God’s eyes, and that nothing, not even death, could separate you from His love? If that’s your goal, here’s the game plan…

A -Admit to God that you’re a sinner and repent. Ask Him to forgive you and help you turn away from your sin.

B-Believe that Jesus is God’s Son, that He died in your place to pay for your sins.

C-Confess your faith in Christ. Let others know of your decision and share with them the Good News that Jesus saves!

Some helpful Scriptures: Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9

I don’t understand all of this. All the pain and suffering and loss is hard to watch. Satan has definitely scored some goals, but he will not win the game. God’s purposes will prevail. A wise lady once said to me, “Anything that brings you closer to God is a blessing.” I am praying that God uses this difficult situation to bring you to Himself and that He turns your trial into triumph.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

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